Did you know that the Archery Tag can be played virtually anywhere?

A playable track can be flexibly shaped in any suitable area – outdoors, indoors.

In Budapest you can choose from permanent trails, but we also settle on any desired location on a national level. The optimum size of the developed track is 10 x 20 – 20 x 40 meters depending on the total number of tracks.

Our permanent trails in Budapest:

  • Villányi Street Course (Budapest, 11th District)
    Although winter is fully covered but not heated, the outside and inside temperatures are essentially the same. In the summer, covered above and open from the sides,good-aired artificial grass-covered track in the immediate vicinity of the Buda arboretum 
  • Panorama Track (Budapest, District 2)
    In winter covered and heated, in summer open-air artificial grass-covered track – with a beautiful Buda panorama.

Would you rather play elsewhere? Do not worry, let’s solve it, look for us today and organize a great archery tag party for you!