After an Archery Tag you will find plenty of good program opportunities for Budapest‘s new leisure activities. In many respects the city offers pioneering programs that you haven’t heard of yet! If you are tired after the game, you can continue your day with a thoughtful game or a pleasant beer. Let’s give you some tips on how to spend time after the game!

Like the archery tag, one of Budapest‘s new and popular attractions is the escape room. The game has a strong history in Budapest, so you can try world-class rooms in the city. These special cellars, rooms or dungeons have been designed to challenge players with complex mysteries and puzzling tasks. The goal is to get the team out of the room within a given time by deciding on hidden tools, combinations or puzzles. The game is led by a gambler who helps if you get stuck. Relaxing games make it really interesting that each room has a different theme and background history. From the Pharaoh’s Tomb, to the scary world of serial killers, there is room for every topic. Their goal is not to scare or fear, just to entertain, so we recommend it for all ages. To be able to get rid of you successfully, you will need teamwork, brainstorming and critical thinking. If you are interested, check out Budapest’s best vacant rooms on this website!

Another new form of entertainment in Budapest is the beerboat, guaranteedBudapest’s best sightseeing tour! Get in the water with our beer boats and row with the management of our  guide through the heart of Budapest, while serving a lot of interesting sights, buildings, bridges and of course the Danube. But how could a good program be without beer? Not at all! During the tour everyone on the head of a helmet filled with ice cold Hungarian beer gets on board! Ask a pretty tour guide for the hikes, rowing at sunset or in the midst of a breathtakingly lit city at night, and continue your party the experience with a BBQ at Danube. Find out more about current prices and offers on this website.

After that, you have no other choice than to choose the best entertainment of Budapest. Why don’t you start with an archery fight? Archery tag has never been such free fun, the rules of the game are all about you! If you like, visit our website and book a course today!