“Please save us from the Hungarians’ arrow, Lord!” – What exactly is this?

Are our ancestors so afraid that such prayers were born with them? According to the public, during the adventures of the time, the Christian West begged for their fear of the Hungarian Arrow Crosses: “Save us from the arrows of the Hungarians, Lord, us!” – “Sagittal Hungarorum libera nos, Domine!” Latin and Hungarian can be found in this quote more but those who make this plea do not give a precise source reference. Where does it originate?

Most of them refer to the Modena hymn and the lithian of Freising. Modena’s prayer was born at the beginning of the 900’s, published by the Italian historian Ludovico Antonio Muratori in 1738, the verse for Modena’s patron Saint Geminianus. According to legend, he has saved Modena from Attila. To this end, he calls for a plea to the saint: “ab Ungerorum nos defendas jaculis.” That is, “protect us from the arrows of the Hungarians.” The other surviving source is a litanic text that may also reflect the fear of the Hungarians. This is the case of Abraham’s bishop of Freising, from where the name of Freising lithian is, and this work returns the corresponding line: “ab invasion alienigenarum lib (era nos domine).” “Save us from the invasion of strangers, Lord, us.” this was most likely related to the Hungarians.

Well, we can be proud of our adventurous ancestors, the flagship of their successful combat troupe was the lightweight, racing and fast moving, they did not wear armor, and of course do not forget their awesome and powerful miracle weapon, the bow!

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