The battlefield where you get to shoot your friends!

We all know about paintball, dodgeball and laser tag; but do you hear about Archery Tag yet? Archery Tag – or it also has many other names like arrow tag, archery attack, archery combat or archery battle – is a great combat game where two or more teams fight each other using bows and arrows. But don’t be scared, there’s no blood involved and we don’t even leave bruises (not like paintball – ouch)!

The arrows used in Archery Tag games have great big marshmallow-style tips making it much less painful than paintball! You get to shoot your friends (or your boss!), there’s no pain involved and you feel like Robin Hood. I bet we caught your attention, so let’s get into the equipment and rules of this fantastic game!

The rules of this sport combines elements from dodge ball, paintball and traditional archery, which turns it into an exciting mixture and in one of the best and most fun ways to release adrenalin in parties, stag parties, team building events or any kind of event for councils and other entity.


Bow – a basic lightweight recurve bow.
Arrows – patented ‘safe’ tips, carefully weighted and spined to match the bows.
Mask – even though ‘head shots’ are illegal in the game, a bit of extra protection never went amiss.
Start of the game

The play area is divided into three zones. There are two separate zones for the teams, which are separated by the “Safe Zone”. The 5-point target is located at the edge of both separate zones, at the front. The part beyond the boundary is the waiting area.

1. Create two teams please and accordingly take on the distinctive jerseys
2. Please use the protectors on your heads and on your lower arms and grab a bow!
3. To get started, all draw back to the baseline of your own space
4. As soon as the game master blows his whistle, the game starts
5. Everyone hurries to the neutral zone between the two squares, where the archers are prepared, and then collect as many comets as possible, back over the coverings on your own space, you can start hunting!

The rules of the game and the gameplay

1. Whoever is hit will lose the game
2. Any point on the body counts as a valid hit, unless it first touches the cover or the ground and then hits the player.
3. You can leave the designated path for free only for the purpose of collecting arrows.
4. You can return to the battle a player who is a member of your team, if:
a. You can get an archer shot by an opponent, while it is flying.
b. You can shoot a sponge wheel from your opponent’s target board
5. A gameplay takes 10 minutes, but ends immediately if:
a. One of the teams is out,
b. The targets of one of the teams are running out of the spinning wheel.

If there is a tie in the number of game runs, “volley” will follow!

The two teams are lined up against each other 25 meters apart, while between the teammates there is a distance of about 1.5 to 2 meters.

In the lead Team A fires into Team B, while they must be motionless. The one who was hit was out of the game. Then Team B goes one step ahead and they shoot at Team A. Players who have been hit will also be lost. The game lasts until all the players in one team drop out.
Anyone moving away from the shot is gone
In the volley-firing each player may shoot only 1 arrow (no quick re-check)
Do you have a group of friends? Are you organising a stag party or having a birthday in the near future? Are or will you be in Budapest, HungaryArchery Tag is an awesome option to have a great time while having fun and getting yourself moving – which is always good! And, there’s always the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse to consider – getting in a bit of practice at a moving target beforehand won’t do you any harm at all.

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